Camden Lock Village

Camden Lock Village

February 2017

Camden Lock Village is a multi-million-pound development consisting of retail units, a multi-screen cinema, a gym, and both social and private luxury housing. Carris Utility Solutions was granted the privilege of being sub-contracted to undertake the installation of 2.7km dual lay 11kv.

There are two teams working on the project at all times across two sites, which span two London boroughs: Islington and Camden. This means we have the challenge of communicating with two different councils at one time, all the while trying to ensure smooth delivery. Not only that, but services such as TFL buses, environmental services, and parking services must also be liaised with when required.

For this project to run continuously, the programmed schedule must be adhered to at all times, which requires careful planning and communication with these external variables to prevent delays. If this wasn’t done with care, then parking bay suspensions, bus stop suspensions and notices may not be able to be obtained or amended at short notice.

CUS has worked closely alongside the principle contractor in helping to amend the programme and support them when any problems may have arisen. We are happy to report that, at present, the project is running ahead of schedule, with approximately 1km of install complete, and no accidents to date.

As of the start of June, all duct installation is complete at Camden Lock Village, from site location on Castlehaven Road to point of connection at Stock Orchard Crescent; 2.8 Kilometres total. We are happy to report that works were completed in line with the clients programme date.

Cable installation works will commence on 22nd May within Camden borough, with a total of 1.5 kilometres of dual lay 300 triplex installed and intermediate jointed to date. All cables have been tested following installation, and again following jointing, with a 100% pass rate.

Works continue to progress to the programme specifications with no delays incurred so far. We are approaching the completion of cable installation in the borough of Camden, and will be moving into Islington borough towards the end of the week.

This has been a very successful project for CUS, and we look forward to the chance to undertake similar projects to this scale in the future.