Our auditing system makes submitting audits easy, fast, and efficient

Here at Carris we take health and safety very seriously so we want to make it as easy as possible to keep on top of where we are excelling and where we may be failing. To achieve this, we have created a bespoke web form to log PPE audits.
This allows us to view audit data as soon as an audit is carried out.

PPE Dashboard

This is the main dashboard for PPE audits. It shows some data at a glance and links to view audits and start a new one.

We can set weekly targets for auditors and the progress of these targets is displayed on this page. Each auditor will only see their target progress whereas an admin will see an overview.

Data can be viewed in charts or simply downloaded to use in spreadsheet applications. This makes trends visible and allows us to figure out the cause of any failings.

New Audit

Most fields will show auto complete suggestions based on previously entered data to speed up the process. The contract and location will be saved between audits to speed up entering multiple audits on the same site.

Simply tapping the buttons will select whether a section has passed or failed. A single fail means the whole audit has failed.

Tapping the submit button will add the audit to our database and then refresh the form for you to conduct another audit.


  • Reduces waste
  • Easy to use
  • Data returned in real time
  • Up to date charts and graphs
  • Auto complete fields
  • Maps of audit locations