Cockering Road, Canterbury
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Cockering Road, Canterbury

April 2019

Cockering Road, Canterbury is another Major project that CUS were proud to have won and completed between April 2019 and September 2019. This was to upgrade and future-proof the electric infrastructure in the area.

We had two teams working long hours to complete ahead of schedule, whilst also liaising with the local residents and businesses to ensure smooth running and alleviating any complaints. We had also built up a good relationship with the local farmer, who had kindly allowed us to use his land for our welfare unit, spoil and

Our Project Manager and Construction Engineer from Power On Connections kept the residents and local authority informed as to our progress and any issues that may have arisen throughout. Regular communication meant everything ran well.

We had to close Cockering Road from the junction of Milton Manor Road and Manor Close, enforcing a lengthy diversion route, this was well organised, forewarning local residents and businesses.

Scope :

Station Road : Approx.
116m (232m HV cable pull)

Rattington Street :
Approx. 651m (1302m HV cable pull)

Cockering Road : Approx.
2850m (5700m HV cable pull)

Total : Approx. 3617m of
excavation and 7234m of HV cable pulls.

The progress was made easier with the help of a Mastenbroek trenching machine, this machine also helped to keep widths and depths to a uniform size, it also helped that the carriageway was clear of other utilities.